Terrarium Centerpieces

Terrarium Centerpieces | Indie Bliss.com

The other week, my good friend Stephanie and I planned out a craft weekend. Our mission: Terrariums.

Not the kind you keep lizards in, but the kind you can seal up and watch the moss grow. It was fun, cheap, and easy, and while we were creating them I realized how awesome they would be as centerpieces at a wedding. They are totally unique, creative, and beautiful. We each made four of them, which just goes to show they are not even that labor intensive.

Terrariums are meant to be long lasting, so you can even make some months before the wedding and still have them thriving in time for the big day. The moss would probably look even better after having some time to adjust to its new surroundings (just keep it out of direct sunlight). Afterwards, you can give them away as favors to your bridal party or family.

So lets get down to the nitty-gritty of how you can actually make them:

Step 1: Materials

Terrarium Centerpieces | Indie Bliss.com

• Glass containers in whatever size you heart most. Anything from teeny-tiny to a large fishbowl will do the trick. Just make sure there is a lid for it!

• Good dirt and rocks. (We bought the dirt, but found the rocks outside).

• Figurines or decorative rocks to place inside. I went with an animal theme and also made little mushrooms out of sculpture clay. The animals we got at a toy store. Little houses also work well, but this step is really up to your personal preferences.

• Horticultural Charcoal. (You need this to soak up gasses or keep the water clean or something like that. I’ve read conflicting reports about whether you actually need this or not, but it won’t hurt to have it.)

• Moss (another one of those things you can find outside, but can also order if you don’t live somewhere it doesn’t grow naturally).

• Spray bottle (for misting after wards).

Step 2: Wash out your containers and rocks (you never know what animal has probably peed on them outside).

Terrarium Centerpieces | Indie Bliss.com

Step 3: Then start your layering your base. First the rocks, then charcoal, then dirt.

Terrarium Centerpieces | Indie Bliss.com

Step 4: Add your moss, and give it a couple shot glasses (depending on the container size) of water.

Terrarium Centerpieces | Indie Bliss.com

Step 5: Add your figurines and ta-da! Terrarium masterpiece. For your centerpieces, you can adorn the jars with evergreen or tree branches, or if they are on the smaller side place a few next to each other. I personally love the look of them placed on small tree stumps with birch covered candles nearby–anything with a foresty feel works well.

And here are some shots of our creations to help spark your creativity:

Terrarium Centerpieces | Indie Bliss.com

Terrarium Centerpieces | Indie Bliss.com

The next one is possibly Lost inspired.

Terrarium Centerpieces | Indie Bliss.com

Terrarium Centerpieces | Indie Bliss.com

Terrarium Centerpieces | Indie Bliss.com

Terrarium Centerpieces | Indie Bliss.com

Terrarium Centerpieces | Indie Bliss.com

Terrarium Centerpieces | Indie Bliss.com

Terrarium Centerpieces | Indie Bliss.com

Terrarium Centerpieces | Indie Bliss.com

Terrarium Centerpieces | Indie Bliss.com

While making these Terrariums I got inspired to make a succulent garden as well. I think this would work well for centerpieces too though.

Terrarium Centerpieces | Indie Bliss.com

Terrarium Centerpieces | Indie Bliss.com

While we’re on the terrarium topic, check out some of these sites for more cool terrarium inspiration:

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64 Responses to “Terrarium Centerpieces”

  1. hipporariums!!

  2. I love these! I am going to schedule a time to create a few of these for my house. What a great idea for a wedding centerpiece.

  3. Where did you buy the horticultural charcoal? Is the stuff used in fish tanks the same?

  4. I actually cheated on that one. I tried Lowes and Home Depot and both had recently stopped carrying it so I got the overpriced fish tank stuff (just for times sake), but in a dedicated garden center that’s not a giant chain they should have it. As far as I can tell if you don’t get the synthetic stuff it’s pretty similar except for the price, but admittedly, I’m not expert.

    My friend Stephanie whom I made the terrariums with didn’t even use any and hers are doing fine and dandy.

  5. Thanks for the fast reply! They are beautiful. They look like they are fun to make, and very peaceful to look at. By the way, I love your pictures!

  6. Thanks! I’d love to know how yours turn out. :)

  7. if you want the moss to grow on something or don’t want to use chunks, you can blend the chunks with a little bit of milk in an old blender. then just paste it on.

  8. Absolutely lovely! And I love a tutorial that’s “plain talk” and easy to understand. Good for you. I’m going to be making tons of these now.

  9. If you’re having trouble cultivating the moss, did you know that slathering a thin layer of plain yogurt over the desired area can help encourage it to grow? Read that a while back, can’t remember from where though.

  10. ok, now i must try to make some of these for my home

  11. I love this! I might try it myself on my next day off. If i do, may i post it on my blog? peachytease.blogspot.com. I’m new to this and find blogging very relaxing.

  12. Of course Peachy!

    And when you do this please let us know — I’d love to see how yours come out. :)

  13. love love love your terrariums! i’m in the process of creating my own and i am curious where you find the figurines that you use? they are so tiny and perfect! thanks for sharing,

  14. I found them at a toy shop. The specific one we went to is called Grandrabbits Toy Shoppe. Good luck figurine hunting! (http://www.grtoys.com/article_info.php?tPath=1&articles_id=2)

  15. You for sure need the charcoal, I made one and left that part out and it got really nasty in there!

  16. I’m having my wedding at the zoo next June and these will be PERFECT!! I’m going to have every table be a different animal :)

  17. How did you open the light bulbs? I’d really like to make one of those in particular… awesome job though, especially the “Lost” one.

  18. Just curious – birch covered candles? I’m assuming candles wrapped in birch bark or something, but wouldn’t that be extremely flammable? I always use birch bark when I’m trying to start a campfire…

    Gorgeous creations. Makes me want to create some of my own.

  19. J.T. — the lightbulbs aren’t real lightbulbs. I got mine at Michael’s for a couple of bucks and the top unscrews. It also has a flat bottom so that it stands.

    Erika — I’m actually not sure how they do these birch candles, but I’ve seen them at weddings and they are gorgeous. If you’re worried about their flammability, you could always just make a birch base or something. I’ve also noticed vases wrapped in birch which looks really neat.

  20. Where can I find those awesome little animals?

  21. I love these and I am going to make them for my wedding this summer, using Mason jars! http://weddingforreal.blogspot.com/search/label/terrarium

  22. Do you need lids? Do the lids have rules (such as not being metal, that’s a big one for some fermentation)?

  23. I would imagine you should only use glass or see through lids since terrariums need sunlight. Not sure about metal or anything else. I use glass lids for mine.

  24. This might be a really stupid question – but why do they need to have lids?

  25. Lids are useful to regulate the humidity inside. Maybe not entirely necessary in all cases though, especially if you’re growing succulents and not moss.

  26. Great post! I really like the addition of animal figurines :)

  27. What’s so cool about Terrarium Containers is that they are easy to take care of since you don’t need to water them that often. Also as a beginner you can often get them pre-planted and built.

  28. These are great. I now have something to make with my son’s this week! I love the light bulbs the most.

  29. I’m looking for interesting ideas for my daughter’s wedding. She will probably love this. Thanks for the suggestion! :)

  30. Here is the one I made :)

  31. Thank you so much for your ideas. I am going to have my cub scout den make them. I loved the dinasaur model! Thanks for knowing where to get tiny animals. I’ll look in our toy stores. I looked at the dollar store with no luck! Also glad for a source of moss. Appreciate all the ideas I can do with boys!

  32. amei mas eu nao sei fazer

  33. This is just what I was looking for. Thanks for the straight forward directions!

  34. Love love love terrariums! Thanks for the tutorial =)

  35. This is such a cute idea. I love the ones in the light bulb. So simple yet there is so much depth with these. Great conversation piece as well. The hippo is adorable. You really can add just about any little decorations that fit. Thanks for the great idea, just may have to use these on my patio!

  36. Thank you for the step by step tutorial! I want to try!

  37. These are really cute, how long do they last? Do you have to water them or will they last on their own?

  38. These things are awesome! I really love the creativity! Great work Ill have to make some of my own!

  39. Where do you find/get your miniatures?

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